Election day is November 3, 2020 and AKF wants to provide you with some resources to help you register to vote and to request a mail-in ballot.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people with end-stage renal disease – either on dialysis or with a kidney transplant – must take special precautions to ensure they are doing everything they can to stay healthy and protect themselves from getting the virus.

ESRD patients who want to fulfill their civic duty to vote can do so safely by registering to vote online (if you are not already registered) and by requesting a mail-in ballot. If you want your voice heard this election, we urge you to take action now.

Given the expected volume of mail-in ballots this year, you want to mail your ballot as early as possible to make sure that your vote will be counted.

Why is it important for people with kidney disease to vote?

The people whom you elect will make decisions about programs and issues that have a huge impact on you and your friends and family: the accessibility and affordability of your health care; the future of the Medicare program; the investment in research on kidney disease; incentives to make living kidney donation easier and solutions to address health disparities, to name just a few.

You may think that one single vote does not count. But did you know that many elections are decided by a relatively small number of votes? In the last twenty years, there have been more than a dozen races decided by a single vote or ending in a tie. And far more races are determined by less than one percent of the vote. Your voice DOES matter and so we encourage you to make sure you cast your vote!