Kidney disease is silent. But we aren’t.

When it comes to kidney disease, it's time for people of color to speak up for the care we deserve.

Speak up for your kidney health 

People of color have a greater chance of CKD turning into kidney failure. But kidney failure doesn't have to happen to you. Talk to your doctor, family, friends and neighbors about kidney health and the care options available.

Speak up for those you love 

A kidney disease diagnosis can be a shock. If someone you love finds out they have kidney disease, ask them what role as a caregiver they would like for you to play. Whether it is going with them to appointments and taking notes, doing research on treatments, keeping track of medications or simply being there for support, caregivers are important members of the healthcare team.

Speak up to make kidney health a public policy priority 

Keeping policymakers informed is critical in the fight against kidney disease. Add your voice to thousands of other voices in our Advocacy Network to advance legislation and regulatory policies important to kidney patients and their families. 

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Family and friends can play a critical caregiving role in helping loved ones with the many questions and options they must consider when it comes to getting the care that they deserve.  

Stay Informed on Health Equity Issues