With your help, research breakthroughs will happen

Researchers, doctors and scientists are in a race to save lives. They are racing to learn all they can about kidney disease, find new treatments and improve  current ones. They can only succeed when people like you volunteer to join clinical trials. When people of color are  represented in research, we can be sure that the treatments work well for all people with kidney disease. 

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Clinical trials lead to new treatments  

Clinical trials, also known as research or scientific studies, test how well  new treatments or other medical procedures work. Clinical trials are on the cutting edge of innovation in medicine. Without clinical trials, groundbreaking advances in the treatment and prevention of kidney disease could never happen.  

When you take part in clinical trials, you help to: 

Find new treatments and therapies for kidney disease and related conditions 

Make sure new treatments or therapies work well and are safe for everyone who needs them 

Match to a clinical trial

The American Kidney Fund has partnered with Antidote Match to help make it easier to find clinical trials that may be of interest to you or your family. Use the search box below to get started!

Why it's vital to represent all people  

Although Black and Hispanic people are more likely to have kidney failure, they are less likely than White people to take part in clinical trials. Researchers studying new treatments want to be sure they are effective for all age groups, races, ethnicities and genders. 

Participants in clinical trials for kidney disease should represent all people  who have kidney disease. 

Clinical trials: what’s in it for me? 

You may still be asking yourself why you should participate in a clinical trial. By signing up for a clinical trial, you may benefit from: 

Access to new and possibly effective treatments or medicines available only to those participating in the trial 

Low or free treatment costs 

Focused care for your health condition 

Learning more about your disease or health condition 

 Educate yourself and help others do the same  

You might not yet be familiar with how clinical trials work. But if you're interested in joining a trial, don't let that stop you from talking to the researcher who is in charge if you have questions or concerns. Also, spread the word about clinical trials and do as much research as possible. When you do, you are helping make Kidney Health for All a reality! 

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Participating in clinical trials 

AKF Ambassador Patrick Gee shares his experience participating in a clinical trial and why it is important for more people of color to join these kinds of research studies. 

Ready, set, take action 


In spite of the challenges, when you are armed with the right tools and knowledge, you can get the health care you deserve. The American Kidney Fund provides the help and support that you need to join the fight for health equity. 

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Clinical Trials For All is a noncommercial campaign to engage the industry to amplify educational messaging for patients and caregivers around the world about the opportunities and advantages of receiving research as care through clinical trials and increase trial participation.

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