Increase Living Kidney Donation, support South Carolina LDPA

Email your lawmakers

Every day, we lose 13 kidney disease community members waiting for a kidney transplant. As of today, there are 14,386 South Carolinians living with kidney failure. In 2020, there were 2,409 new cases of kidney failure diagnosed in the state and only 832 of these people received transplants.

We can change this.

Email your elected officials and ask them to support the Living Donor Protection Act (LDPA).

Passing the LDPA is one of AKF's top priorities. This bill will prevent South Carolina's life, disability, and long-term care insurers from discriminating against living kidney donors. It will prohibit them from:

Declining or limiting coverage or charging higher premiums to living organ donors Stopping a person from donating all or part of an organ as a condition to receive a policy Considering a person's living organ donor status in determining premiums

This bill removes obstacles that will encourage more living kidney donations to meet our community's overwhelming need.

Click here to email your legislator and ask them to support the LDPA by becoming a co-sponsor or voting YES when the bill is before them for a vote.

I will keep you updated on our progress.