Who pays for my health care during a clinical trial?

It is important to know that because you join a clinical trial, the health services you get during the study are not always free.  If you have health insurance, (including private insurance, and government insurance, like Medicare and Medicaid), the costs for routine services and testing that you normally get at your regular personal doctor may not be covered.

Before you agree to join the trial, ask the treatment team what specific health services, testing and medical treatment are free (whether you have insurance or not). The study team will go through informed consent with you, which will include which costs are and are not covered.  Ask your health insurance company what costs they will and will not cover related to being part of the clinical trial.

Non-medical expenses related to clinical trials

There are some clinical trials that will pay for your meals and travel costs to the medical facility where the study is being done (especially if you have to travel far away from your home). If you and your family have to travel out of state and will be at the study location for many days, they may pay for your housing. Ask about these costs before you agree to join the trial.