Life after transplant: Rejection prevention and healthy tips

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Learn about life after your transplant, including recovery steps, anti-rejection medicines, mental health, and other healthy living tips.
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Last updated
November 3, 2021

Getting a kidney transplant can feel like having another chance at life. There are many great things that come after a transplant, like having better health and more freedom to do the things you enjoy. However, it is important to remember a transplant is a treatment for kidney disease, not a cure, and you will need to take special care of yourself, and your transplanted kidney. Use the information on this page to learn more about what to expect and how to stay healthy with your new kidney.

Here is what you should know about life after a transplant:


Adjusting to life after kidney transplant

Getting a kidney transplant can be an exciting, life-changing event, but caring for a new kidney can be a lot of work. Anyone who is thinking about a kidney transplant or recently had a kidney transplant should consider the physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes that can come with it.