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The American Kidney Fund (AKF) connects you with assistance near you through AKF programs and vetted third-party organizations. Find help paying your bills, accessing health care, getting emergency aid, finding support groups, and more. 

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Find support services in your community

Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

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AKF programs help patients with health insurance premiums, transportation costs, prescription medications and many other necessities related to health care. 

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Get help paying your health insurance premiums

If you have kidney failure but are unable to afford the cost of your health insurance premiums, you may qualify for the American Kidney Fund's Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP). We work to ensure that people with kidney disease can maintain their coverage to access the lifesaving care they need. 

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Explore assistance with other health care expenses

Our Safety Net Grant Program helps people with health care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Typical expenses include the cost of transportation to and from dialysis, over-the-counter medicines, co-payments and medical supplies such as blood pressure cuffs or diabetes test strips. 

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Find disaster relief support

In you are living with kidney failure in a community that has been hit by a flood, hurricane, tornado or another disaster, the American Kidney Fund may be able to help. Our disaster relief program connects people with kidney failure to dialysis treatments, medications, kidney-friendly food and other critical needs when their community is impacted. 

Explore additional American Kidney Fund (AKF) programs that may be able to help.