AKF Ambassador Community Engagement Awards Program - Application

AKF Ambassadors in 2023

Who is Eligible?  

These awards would be available to AKF Ambassadors/volunteers and may be applied for by one or more Ambassadors in a new or existing organization. Funding priority will be given to organizations with a connection to kidney disease and include education, awareness, and patient support activities.  

Pilot Program:   

Awardees can use funds to host educational or awareness events for kidney disease, including rare diseases, in-person or online. Awardees can discuss living with kidney disease, questions to ask your doctor, truths and myths, diet and kidney disease, and issues concerning transplantation and home dialysis. Awardees will be encouraged to invite elected officials to events. 

Awardees cannot use funds for direct lobbying. Events cannot be staged to impact pending legislation at the federal or state level. However, all Awardees should make a direct connection to AKF for advocacy activities. 

ACE awards can be used for the following: 

Education and/or awareness activities/meetings 

Funds can be used to pay for meeting place, meeting-related supplies, food, marketing materials (receipts required) 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion activities 

Activities which target traditionally underserved communities and/or minority communities disparately impacted by kidney disease. 

Marketing, communications, and social media education and planning 

Awardees will brand events/activities as developed with support from the American Kidney Fund. American Kidney Fund logo may only be used with permission from AKF after reviewing all materials in which its logo is to be used.   

Application Process:  

AKF will develop an application that will be available online. All applications must be approved by AKF staff. Ambassador Community Engagement Award applications will be judged in an evaluation process prioritizing a) proposed budget outlining expenses, b) demonstrated ability to complete the project, c) identified resources/infrastructure necessary to complete project, and d) overall impact of the completed project 

Applications will be accepted and awarded on an ongoing basis to support activities as they organically occur. 

Applicants will be notified as to whether their project has been accepted for funding within 30 days of receipt of application.  

Initial promotion of the program will be limited to Ambassadors with whom we already have a relationship so that we can learn from trusted partners on how to successfully structure the program. We seek to balance accountability with achieving goals and results.    

Questions? evicks@kidneyfund.org