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Advocate for kidney health from your phone with AKF's new mobile advocacy network

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people with kidney disease? Now you can advocate for kidney health right from your phone with AKF's mobile advocacy network! Text "KIDNEY" to 52886 to receive alerts about advocacy opportunities in your state.
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The American Kidney Fund's (AKF) government affairs team has been hard at work over the past couple of months to get our brand new digital advocacy tool — the AKF mobile advocacy network — up and running! Launched in August, the mobile advocacy network allows you to sign up to receive text message alerts for kidney health advocacy opportunities in your state, so you can take action on important issues.

The sign-up process for the mobile advocacy network is very simple, and you can do it straight from your phone. Either click this link to sign up on AKF's website, or you can text the word "KIDNEY" to the number 52886. After you have signed up, we will text you to let you know what you can do to help pass laws in your state that improve the lives of those fighting kidney disease and remove barriers for living organ donors. The mobile advocacy network is for anyone, including AKF Ambassadors, people with kidney disease, caregivers, living organ donors, kidney professionals and anyone else who is interested in making a positive difference in the kidney community. We also encourage you to share the sign-up information with your friends and family who may be interested as well.

Through the mobile advocacy network, you can stay up to date on the legislation that is currently pending in your state. The new tool also provides a quick and easy way to tell your lawmakers that policies that support kidney health are important to you! When an opportunity arises, we will text you a link through which you can submit an email, send a tweet or even call your lawmaker about a bill in just a couple of minutes.

Text message alerts will also link you to the chance to tweet at your lawmaker. While it is still important to email your elected officials about specific bills or to let them know about issues important to you, social media is also a very effective way to make sure your lawmakers hear you. The average state legislature has nearly 70% of their members on Twitter, and using a public platform like Twitter to communicate with your elected officials can have a major impact. In fact, some recent studies show that it only takes a few social media messages to get a lawmaker's attention!

It is extremely important for elected officials to hear from their constituents (people living in their districts) about legislation they strongly support and want to become law. Digital advocacy helps make that process easier by using the latest technology to mobilize people into action. So, take advantage of the technology in your pocket! Join our mobile advocacy network right from your cell phone by texting "KIDNEY" to 52886 or by clicking here. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @akf_advocacy, where we provide real-time updates on state activity and other important advocacy information.

We look forward to working with you to improve kidney health across the country!


Meredith Deeley

Meredith Deeley is a communications specialist at the American Kidney Fund.