Digitized Clinical Trials Patient Survey

How do you feel about using digital tools to improve your healthcare or support you in a clinical trial? Your feedback is valuable. Take our survey so we can better develop resources that help everyone.

Digitized Clinical Trials Patient Survey

The goal of this survey is to learn about kidney patients' experiences with clinical trials and if digital tools such as computers, electronic home health monitors, and mobile phones might impact participation. Clinical trial participants help advance medicine, offer alternative treatment methods, and can improve quality of life.  By completing this survey, you can help researchers, health care providers, and other skilled health professionals improve clinical trial access and care. We value your time and feedback.

What is your age group?
What are your primary medical conditions? (Check all that apply)

Involvement in Clinical Trials: Researchers use clinical trials to find out if treatments or medications could help people living with different types of medical conditions. In this section, we would like to learn about what you have heard about clinical trials, and your interest in past or future clinical trials participation. 

Have any of the following talked to you about clinical trials?
Have you participated in a clinical trial? If so, when? 
If you were invited to participate in a clinical trial but declined, why? (Check all that apply)
If you have participated in a clinical trial, would you participate in another trial if you were invited or came across an opportunity in the future?
What parts of a clinical trial made you interested in participating in the past or would make you interested in participating in the future? (Check all that apply)
If you could choose a way to participate in a clinical trial, which method would you choose? (Check all that apply)

Access and Participation: Digital tools are resources such as computers, mobile devices, or other electronic devices that can be used to provide access to information without a physical connection. Use of digital tools in clinical trials can reduce the need to physically travel to a location to participate in clinical studies. In this section, we would like to learn more about your comfort and interest in using digital tools as part of a clinical trial.

Would you be more interested in a clinical trial if home-based digital tools were made available to you?
Would you participate in a clinical trial for payment or another benefit such as free healthcare groceries, gas gift cards, or other compensation?
What digital home-based materials or tools would you be interested in using? (Check all that apply)
What aspects of a clinical trial that utilizes home-based digital tools would interest you? (Check all that apply)
Which aspects of digital trials could possibly concern you?
Please share the main reasons why you would not be interested in participating in a clinical trial? (Check all that apply)

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