Kidney-friendly cooking with Chef Linda

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When you are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD), your close family and friends play an important role in your health and wellbeing. Caregivers often make sure you stick to your treatment plan, help with your daily routine, and offer emotional support. Caregivers may also feel overwhelmed at times as they adjust to the "new normal" of a new kidney disease diagnosis.

One of the biggest challenges for people living with kidney disease is navigating new eating, drinking and nutrition requirements. There is so much to remember and sometimes it can feel like your options are limited. But with a few tips, you can put the joy back into food and eating.  Our speaker, Chef Linda Blaylock, will talk about her experience as a caregiver and how she has learned to make great tasting food for her loved one with CKD.

Join our webinar to hear Chef Linda share:

  • Her personal story from caregiver to culinary school
  • Tips for kidney-friendly food shopping
  • Resources for kidney-friendly cooking




Chef Linda Blaylock

Chef Linda Blaylock is a CKD Culinary Consultant, professional cook and caregiver to her husband who was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD). Her dedication to learning about food, cooking, meal planning, and shopping for people living with kidney disease led her to graduating with honors from the Auguste Escoffier Culinary School of Arts. As the culinary consultant at the American Kidney Fund, she uses her culinary expertise to create and adapt healthy, enjoyable meals for CKD patients. She understands the struggle of the CKD diet restrictions firsthand and is passionate about showing people that you can still enjoy eating with CKD. Currently, Linda teaches community education classes in her area about healthy meal preparation. As an American Kidney Fund Kidney Health Coach, she also provides kidney disease prevention education in her community.