Humanizing dialysis

Choosing the best type of treatment for kidney failure can be difficult for patients, especially when they receive little guidance, or have limited time to make this decision. Our speaker this month, Dr. Brigitte Schiller, will share real patient stories to showcase how matching a treatment method to a patient's lifestyle can have monumental effects on a patient's quality of life.

During our webinar, Dr. Schiller will discuss:

  1. How patients can achieve a fuller life by matching the best treatment option to their lifestyle.
  2. The data on the current distribution of ESRD treatment methods in the US and worldwide compared to the ESRD treatment trends at the introduction of hemodialysis in the US in the 1960s.
  3. What is needed for a more individualized approach to ESRD care – specifically, how we can humanize dialysis care.

This webinar series is supported by an educational grant from Satellite Healthcare



Dr. Brigitte Schiller

Brigitte leads Satellite’s Quality and Medical Policy Strategy and oversees the clinical strategy and development of Satellite Healthcare to improve patient outcomes. She directs the organization’s applied research efforts and serves as chief of staff for Medical Directors and referring physicians.

Brigitte is recognized among the United States’ most respected experts and researchers in the area of ESRD. Even with her well-earned accolades and industry awards, she retains a compassionate, individualized approach to patient care she developed during her training in Europe and the US as well as a private practice nephrologist and primary care physician. Dr. Schiller also serves as a Consulting Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Nephrology at Stanford University and is frequently invited to present at national and international meetings.