Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

At the American Kidney Fund (AKF), we are dedicated to fostering a workplace that honors diversity, equity and inclusivity. We create opportunities for ongoing engagement, education, discussion and action around these topics, and for all employees to reach their fullest potential.


We embrace the fact that each of our employees and volunteers comes to AKF with unique perspectives and backgrounds. We celebrate the diversity of our team, and we treat each member of our team with respect. AKF represents 37 million Americans with kidney disease and millions more who are at risk, and we involve and reflect the populations we serve.


We strive to ensure that everyone at AKF is treated fairly and has the opportunity to grow, contribute and develop professionally. We are committed to an environment of nondiscrimination in all its forms at all levels throughout our organization and programs as reflected in our nondiscrimination policies. We welcome job applicants of all backgrounds and provide a fair and equitable review of their applications.


Each of our employees and volunteers brings to the organization a unique cultural background, life experience, educational background, work history, talents and expertise, and we deeply value this diversity in our team. It is critically important to us that every AKF team member is genuinely valued and respected by colleagues and by the organization itself. At AKF, your voice is heard and carefully considered.