Support Michigan Living Donors

Email your lawmakers

Thanks to you and the rest of our ambassadors in Michigan, we had a major win in 2023. We passed the Living Donor Protection Act, which prohibits life, disability or long-term care insurers from discriminating against living organ donors. This was a big win and helped move Michigan from an F to a C on our Living Donor Report Card.

But our work isn't done yet.

We need to continue encouraging more people to become living organ donors by protecting them from the financial burdens that organ donation can cause. A proposed bill will address this issue, and we are asking for your support. 

House Bill 4361 (H.B. 4361), introduced by Rep. Felicia Brabec, aims to address this issue by proposing a one-time $5,000 living donor tax credit for living donors. While the medical costs of a transplant are typically covered by insurance, expenses such as leave from work, lodging, and transportation are not. By supporting H.B. 4361, we can provide crucial assistance to living donors and reduce barriers to organ donation, ultimately saving lives in Michigan. 

A kidney transplant is a lifeline for patients suffering from kidney failure, offering them the opportunity for a longer and healthier life. By implementing support and protections for living organ donors, we can significantly increase donations in Michigan and help those with kidney failure regain their footing. 

Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated, and we will keep you updated on the progress of the bill. Additionally, I encourage you to share this email with others who may be interested in supporting individuals affected by kidney disease.