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Kidney Month: 31 Days of Action to Fight Kidney Disease

With the arrival of March is the arrival of AKF's Kidney Month.
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With the arrival of March is the arrival of AKF's Kidney Month. This year, we're putting action into Kidney Month, with 31 days of action that will focus on equipping and empowering people with the tools and resources they need to fight kidney disease and prioritize their kidney health. 

The first week of Kidney Month, March 4-8, will focus on the power of knowledge and what people need to know about kidney disease. AKF will be sharing resources, tools and facts about the magnitude and impact of kidney disease on Americans, the truth behind common myths and misconceptions about kidney disease and the link between high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease. We will also provide guidance on how to talk to your doctor about kidney disease. During this first week and throughout March, AKF will encourage donors to record and share videos about why they support AKF. 

During the second week of Kidney Month, March 11-15, AKF will provide educational materials about how to manage kidney disease, with resources on the five stages of kidney disease, decision-making around home dialysis, eating kidney-friendly foods and taking part in clinical trials. AKF will also share its 'cheat sheet glossary,' which will break down common terms in the kidney health space and spread the word about the importance of kidney disease management for people of color.  

The third week of Kidney Month, March 18-22, will be AKF's fifth annual Kidney Action Week. This free, virtual event will educate patients, caregivers and doctors on all things related to kidney health, including dialysis, kidney disease prevention, kidney-friendly eating, transplantation and innovations in kidney disease. Each day of the week will have a specific theme: "Living Well with Kidney Disease" on Monday, "Prevention and Awareness through Community Action" on Tuesday, "Navigating the Path to Kidney Health Equity" on Wednesday, "Conversations for Kidney Health Care Professionals" on Thursday and "Kidney Innovations" on Friday. In addition to taking part in the various live informational sessions, participants can connect with experts and health resources to help them live their best life.  

During the fourth and final week of Kidney Month, March 25-29, we're encouraging people to "Pay it Forward: Share or Support," with a focus on how people can take action to support kidney patients and help fight kidney disease. AKF will also share resources on fundraising and our monthly giving program. 

To learn more about Kidney Month and ways to get involved, visit AKF's Kidney Month hub at 


Jenni Muns

Jenni Muns is the associate director of communications at AKF