How to be a heart healthy kidney patient: The key role of sodium and fluid

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Heart disease and kidney disease are very much connected. Some of this connection comes from the common risk factors for kidney disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. However, kidney disease can also contribute to heart stress and increase the risk of cardiovascular events, like heart disease and stroke. This is in part why heart disease is the leading cause of death among patients with kidney disease.

In this webinar, Dr. Heung will discuss the critical role of sodium (salt) and fluid in contributing to heart disease among patients with kidney disease.  The key topics of his discussion will include:

  • How heart disease affects patients with kidney disease
  • The role of sodium and fluid in contributing to heart disease, and the reasons for sodium restriction
  • Effective approaches for improving fluid and sodium management for patients with kidney disease



Dr. Michael Heung

Dr. Michael Heung is a graduate of the Boston University School of Medicine.  After doing his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Cincinnati, he completed his nephrology fellowship at the University of Michigan.  He has been on the faculty at Michigan since 2005, where he is currently an Associate Professor and the Associate Chief for the Division of Nephrology.  His clinical and research interests include improving the care of kidney disease patients, including those on dialysis.  In particular, he has conducted clinical trials examining the impact of sodium (salt) restriction in patients with kidney disease.