Eating healthy with diabetes and kidney disease

Diabetes and kidney disease often happen together - and both affect a person's eating habits. Lori Martinez-Hassett is a dietician ready to help people navigate the eating habits and lifestyles of both conditions.

In recognition of National Diabetes Awareness Month, the webinar will focus on managing two conditions that often happen together – diabetes and kidney disease. Since diabetes is the number one cause of kidney disease and kidney failure, having both conditions is common.

Having diabetes and kidney disease comes with unique diet recommendations, and there are things people with both conditions should pay special attention to. Lori Martinez-Hassett, a registered dietitian, will discuss how diet and lifestyle choices can keep both conditions in check.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Common lab work done in kidney patients and how lab results should affect food choices, with a specific focus on protein, potassium and phosphorus.
  • Monitoring one's body weight with kidney disease, including dry weight and fluctuations
  • How kidney disease affects blood sugar and what this means for treatment


headshot of Lori Martinez-Hassett

Lori Martinez-Hassett, RD, CSR

Lori has been a registered dietitian since 1996. She joined Satellite Healthcare in 2002 and has worked in one of Satellite's larger home dialysis programs, Wellbound of Emeryville, since it opened in 2005. Her nutrition career and interest in diabetes started well before her professional career, when a beloved aunt living with T1 diabetes taught her the art of carb counting and introduced her to an insulin pump. After graduating in dietetics from San Francisco State University, Lori was commissioned in the army and moved to Washington, D.C. where her nutrition career as an army dietitian and officer began. She worked in both a large medical center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then a small community hospital at West Point, New York. After completing her army commission, Lori and her family returned to California where she worked primarily with people with diabetes — at the Pediatric Diabetes Clinic at Kaiser Vallejo and in private practice in the offices of Marin Endocrine Associates.