Pain management and kidney disease

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Chronic pain is an unfortunate reality for many people and is even more common for those who have kidney disease. And to make matters more complicated, common pain relieving medicines such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen are known to cause kidney disease and are therefore not recommended for this group. This can leave many people with kidney disease feeling frustrated, and unsure of how to cope.

This webinar will discuss why people with kidney disease may feel more pain than others and the common sources of pain including gout, frequent needle sticking, bone disease, and other complications. We'll also discuss pain management strategies and medicines people with kidney disease can safely use to reduce pain

Don't let your pain go untreated! Watch this webinar and feel prepared to talk to your doctor about solutions for your pain.

Join Dr. Chen, an experienced nephrologist, to learn more about:

  • Why people with kidney disease may feel more pain than others
  • The common sources of pain in kidney disease
  • Strategies for reducing pain safely for those with kidney disease

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Randy Chen, MD

Randy Chen, MD has been practicing Nephrology in private practice for 13 years in San Mateo County. He sees over 350 dialysis patients along with his partners and has just as many patients with CKD that he also regularly sees. He has a special interest in improving the lives of patients with kidney disease.

Besides treating kidney disease, he is an expert in high blood pressure management and electrolyte and acid base disorders. Dr. Chen has won several awards for his service to the dialysis population.  He serves as medical director for SHC Daly City and is medical advisor for Satellite Healthcare, Inc in the medical clinical affairs division.

“If patients are involved in their own care with guidance by their doctors, they do much better”, he says. Dr. Chen has 4 pug dogs that occupy his time and he is an animal enthusiast in general despite being allergic to many of the furkind.