Yoshio Hall, MD

Yoshio Hall

Dr. Hall investigated differential outcomes among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans with ESRD.

Dr. Hall completed the University of California, San Francisco Advanced Training in Clinical Research Program and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology and a Core Investigator at the Kidney Research Institute of the University of Washington.  He is the current recipient of a K23 Mentored Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIDDK) as well as a Norman Coplon extramural grant from Satellite Healthcare.  His current research focuses on characterizing the healthcare structure, utilization and outcomes of patients with chronic kidney disease from traditionally underserved populations.  During the national debate on healthcare reform, his work in describing the prevalence and progression of moderate to advanced chronic kidney disease among adults cared for within the urban healthcare safety-net was disseminated by the American Society of Nephrology to every member of Congress for World Kidney Day.

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