Help us END bankruptcies for end stage renal patients in Indiana (H.B. 1346/S.B. 215)

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Receiving dialysis should not cause bankruptcy. Yet, bankruptcy is a potential reality facing 8,387 Hoosiers with end stage renal disease (ESRD) in Indiana's kidney disease community who are under 65 and on Medicare. 

Email your Representative and Senator and ask them to support a bill, HB 1346 and S.B. 215, that will help stop these bankruptcies. 

This bill expands insurance coverage options for ESRD patients under 65 on Medicare in Indiana. It requires insurance companies to offer them Medigap policies at an affordable rate. Medigap is private insurance that helps pay for costs Medicare doesn't cover.

Without Medigap, ESRD patients must pay their 20% coinsurance with no out-of-pocket maximum for dialysis. These costs can reach $18,000 each year — a crushing financial burden for most patients who are too sick to work.  ESRD Medicare beneficiaries are required to have supplemental insurance to be added to the kidney transplant waiting list. 

Currently in Indiana, some Medigap policies are available but many of them are not affordable.

Richard N, a 53-year-old resident of Hammond, pays $930 a month for her plan, provided by American Retirement Life.

Marica M., a 56-year-old resident of Crawfordsville, pays $871 a month for her plan by Humana.

No one in the kidney disease community should face bankruptcy or miss the opportunity to receive a life-saving transplant just because they can't get the insurance they need. 

Click here to email your legislators and ask them to support H.B. 1346/S.B. 215 by becoming a co-sponsor.

For more Medigap information, review AKF's overview of Medigap reform
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