The American Kidney Fund’s Ambassadors make up our Advocacy Network, and the team plays an important role in our efforts to raise awareness of kidney disease and ensure that every kidney patient has access to quality health care.

We advocate on behalf of more than 700,000 Americans living with kidney failure, 37 million Americans with chronic kidney disease (CKD), and the millions more who are at risk. Our Ambassadors perform a vital role by influencing legislators and thought leaders so that public policy aims to improve the lives of kidney patients. Our Ambassadors also educate communities about kidney disease, its causes, and how to prevent it. Your voice is powerful!

Become an AKF Ambassador

There is strength in numbers. More than 14,000 passionate patients, friends, loved ones and kidney care professionals have become AKF Ambassadors by joining our Advocacy Network. They are making a huge difference on Capitol Hill, in state legislatures and in their own communities. Together, we are fighting for policies that help patients. Become an AKF Ambassador and add your voice to the Advocacy Network by joining today.

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Take action on current issues

We are working on legislation and regulations that affect people living with kidney disease and those who are at risk. Learn about current issues and how to contact your elected officials to make your voice heard—our website allows you to easily find your elected representatives and send them an email. Get involved today.

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Find your legislators

Your legislators want to hear from you! Most elected officials send out eNewsletters, post on social media, and have forms on their websites to learn about what matters to you. Find your U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative, and learn about their policy agendas and initiatives. This is the first step in adding the issue of kidney disease to their policy focus. Use this form to look up your elected representatives in Washington.

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Advocacy toolkit

Are you new to advocacy? We have some helpful hints to help you get started. Advocacy is a rewarding and unique opportunity to make a difference for millions of people. Being an AKF Ambassador gives you the opportunity to meet with your elected officials, coordinate grassroots efforts with other groups in your area and speak to others about kidney disease and AKF programs. Explore our advocacy toolkit.

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