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Did you know that since January 2022, the American Kidney Fund has won 14 awards for its content?
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It may be hard to believe, but we are already halfway through 2022! As we enter the second half of the year, we wanted to take a moment to share some great news. Did you know that since January 2022, the American Kidney Fund has won 14 awards for its content? This includes educational material like our downloadable guides and animated video series as well as our virtual annual gala, The Hope Affair, and the redesign of our website.

Here is a list of awards we have won so far this year:

ACT on Anemia | Treating Anemia of CKD

AVA Digital Awards, Gold Award and Digital Health Awards, Bronze Award

ACT on Anemia is an awareness and education campaign about the relationship between anemia and kidney disease. As part of this campaign, AKF created three animated explainer videos to help our audiences learn about the effects of anemia on kidney disease (and vice versa). The three videos that won this award were: Complications of Anemia & Kidney Disease, Getting Your Questions Answered About Anemia and Symptoms of Anemia.
Support for this campaign was provided by Akebia Therapeutics.

American Kidney Fund Website Redesign

Digital Health Awards, Gold Award

In February 2022, AKF launched a newly redesigned website. The new website further enhances our 50+ year commitment to being a champion for people with kidney disease and expands AKF's award-winning, evidence-based content for people with kidney disease, caregivers, health care professionals and other members of the kidney community.
Support for the website redesign was provided by Amgen.

Guides to kidney-friendly eating - Kidney Kitchen® downloadable guides

Aster Awards, Gold Award

AKF's Kidney Kitchen is filled with valuable resources for maintaining a kidney-friendly food and fluid plan. The downloadable guides "Double Whammy" Foods, "Double Win" Foods, Kidney-friendly eating plan: Myths and facts, and How to prevent high phosphorus with kidney disease are useful tools for ensuring you consume the right levels of phosphorus and potassium for your level of kidney disease.
Support for the "Double Whammy" and "Double Win" downloadable guides was provided by AstraZeneca and support for the "Myths and facts" and "How to prevent high phosphorus" downloadable guides was provided by Amgen.

The Hope Affair 2021

AVA Digital Awards, Platinum Award; Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum Award; and NYX Marcom Awards, Gold Award

The Hope Affair is AKF's annual, national gala where the kidney community comes together to celebrate people with kidney disease, policymakers, advocates and others united in the fight against kidney disease. The theme for our 13th annual gala was Honoring the Past. Forging the Future – a nod to AKF's 50th anniversary.Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, this event has been hosted virtually – earning The Hope Affair multiple awards in the virtual event category.
The Hope Affair 2021 was made possible thanks to generous lead support from Diamond Sponsor Akebia Therapeutics and Gold Sponsor Amgen, along with many other corporate and individual supporters. A full sponsor listing can be found at

Kidney Disease cause Unknown? Fabry Disease

Digital Health Awards, Silver Award and Hermes Creative Awards, Gold Award

AKF's Fabry disease education and awareness campaign aims to increase visibility of the disease and encourage people with kidney disease who do not know the underlying cause of their kidney disease to get tested for Fabry disease. This animated explainer video was created to address both of those goals.
Support for this educational campaign was provided by Sanofi.

Living with Cystinosis | Treatment and Transplant

Digital Health Awards, Gold Award

AKF's cystinosis educational initiative was created to support people living with cystinosis, a rare, multisystem genetic disease, and provide them and their caregivers with information about the disease as well as a toolkit for preparing pre- and post-transplant. The most common and severe form of cystinosis causes kidney failure in children by about age 10, and most children with cystinosis will eventually need a kidney transplant. The animated explainer videos 5 Tips on Supporting Your Child with Cystinosis, Helping Your Child Manage Their Kidney Transplant and Preparing For Your Child's Kidney Transplant aim to help parents of children with cystinosis understand their child's disease and learn how to prepare for and help them with the kidney transplant process.
Support for this educational campaign was provided by Horizon Therapeutics plc.

Looped In On Lupus Nephritis

Digital Health Awards, Merit and Hermes Creative Awards, Honorable Mention

The goal of AKF's Looped In On Lupus Nephritis campaign is improving diagnosis, awareness and equitable treatment of lupus nephritis. The campaign provides audience-centric, culturally appropriate information about the causes, symptoms, disease management and available treatments for lupus nephritis. 
Support for this educational campaign was provided by GSK.

State of the States: 2022 AKF Living Donor Protection Report Card American Kidney Fund

Digital Health Awards, Bronze Award

AKF's Living Donor Protection Report Card evaluates each state and the District of Columbia on how well their existing laws encourage living organ donation and reduce barriers for living donors. The 2022 Report Card highlights progress among states in achieving protections for living organ donors, while pointing to the continued need for baseline federal legislation that would protect donors regardless of where they live. Each state is evaluated by seven types of legislation states should enact to provide protections for living organ donors and encourage living donations, receiving a letter grade based on how many protections it has in place. The average grade for the U.S. is a C.

What's happening in the states

Aster Awards, Gold Award

As part of our ongoing advocacy efforts, AKF began our "What's happening in the states" blog series. In this series, we provide monthly legislative updates on what AKF is working on across the country to improve the lives of those living with kidney disease and protect living organ donors.

Find the full list of the awards AKF has won on our website.


Meredith Deeley

Meredith Deeley is the communications specialist at the American Kidney Fund.