Kidney Action Week

Kidney Action Week is a week of free, virtual sessions about dialysis, kidney disease prevention, kidney-friendly eating, transplant and innovations in kidney disease. It is the held every March as a way to highlight Kidney Month.

Kidney Action Week 2024

Kidney Action Week 2024

Kidney Action Week 2024 was held March 18-22, and featured 26 sessions throughout the five days. The event covered everything from the kidney-friendly foods to the kidney transplant process and new treatments for kidney disease.  

All of the week's activity was recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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What is Kidney Action Week?

For the last five years, Kidney Action Week has brought the entire kidney health community together for a week of amazing and informative content on all things related to kidney health. It is entirely free and 100% virtual, so you can attend from anywhere that you find convenient.

Kidney Action Week has become a can't-miss event. Whether you work with people with kidney disease, have kidney disease yourself, or are a friend or family member of someone who does, this week is a great opportunity for you to catch up on everything you need to know about kidney health.