Causes of kidney disease in children

Children often develop kidney disease for different reasons than adults do. Learn more about the causes of kidney disease in children.

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Stages of kidney disease in children

Kidney disease in children is diagnosed the same way it is in adults. A urine test, blood test, imaging test, or kidney biopsy can help determine if something is wrong with the kidneys. Learn more about the stages of kidney disease in children.

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Complications of kidney disease in children

When a child has kidney disease, the kidneys do not filter waste from their body in the way that healthy kidneys do. Toxins and wastes can build up in the blood leading to complications. Learn more about the complications of kidney disease in children.

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Treatments for kidney failure in children

As with adults, there are treatments that can allow children with kidney disease to live long, healthy lives. Learn more about the treatments for kidney failure.

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Kidney transplant in children

Kidney transplant is considered the best treatment option for kidney failure in both adults and children. Having a kidney transplant means your child does not need dialysis. If possible, it is better for a child to have a transplant instead of starting dialysis. Dialysis is a time-consuming process that puts stress on the entire body. Learn more kidney transplant in children.

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Pediatric support groups and resources

American Association of Kidney Patients
Renal support groups by state

American Association of Kidney Patients
AAKP’s Pediatric Kidney Pals – Summer camps.

Renal Support Network
Resources for Kids and Parents: videos, books, and guides

American Society of Transplantation
Pediatric Kidney Transplantation: A Guide for Patients and Families 

Nemours KidsHealth Website
When Your Child Has a Chronic Kidney Disease
What’s the Deal with Dialysis?

Cyber-support group

Pediatric Assistance Fund
Assistance with prescription drug or biologic therapies, devices or other treatment cost shares related to various diseases.

United Network for Organ Sharing
Organ Transplants: What Every Kid Needs to Know

U.S. Social Security Administration
Benefits for Children with Disabilities 

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