Clinical trials and kidney disease

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Clinical trials are research studies that test the effectiveness of new treatments or other medical procedures. Participating in a clinical trial not only contributes to science and the development of new medicines or treatments, but could actually improve your health and quality of life.

The idea of a clinical trial may seem scary or overwhelming, but you should know there are rules and regulations in place to make sure the safety and privacy of participants is always protected. Join our webinar to learn more about clinical trials including participant safeguards in place, how participation could offer you benefits, and why diversity among participants is so important to the future of health and medicine.

During this webinar our speaker, Ms. Jovonni Spinner, who leads the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Diversity in Clinical Trials Initiative, will discuss:

  • What clinical trials are and how participants are protected
  • Why diversity in clinical trials participants matters
  • The benefits clinical trials offer for science and can offer for your health

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Jovonni spinner

Jovonni R. Spinner, MPH, CHES

Ms. Jovonni Spinner is a public health strategist and thought leader with a deep passion for improving health equity across the lifespan through research, communication, multi-sector partnerships, and leadership coaching. She is known as a public health programming guru using her skills to direct projects from concept to fully operational through program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and breaking down silos across sectors.

At the Food and Drug Administration, she is the Lead for the Outreach and Communications Team in the Office of Minority Health overseeing the strategic direction of the team, advising senior officials on minority health, and leading the Diversity in Clinical Trials Initiative.

Prior to joining FDA, she managed national initiatives including the Community Health Worker Health Disparities Initiative, which aims to reduce cardiovascular and asthma.