Charlotte Jones-Burton, MD, MS

Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton is a healthcare industry trailblazer who is passionate about creating healthier communities globally through drug development, patient advocacy and people engagement/empowerment.  Her three-pronged approach reflects her personal values of community, service, and health and wellness.  Charlotte combines her leadership in research and people development with her clinical acumen to positively impact the lives of patients and communities who suffer with chronic diseases.  Charlotte is a biopharmaceutical executive who has spent over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry leading clinical trial development for multiple medicines across various disease areas including cardiovascular and renal diseases.  

Dr. Jones-Burton, a nephrologist,  has focused on leading clinical trials and teams focused on creating medicines for patients who suffer from heart and kidney diseases. Over the past 18 months, she spearheaded product development and strategy as senior vice president and Executive Committee member at Chinook Therapeutics, guiding their pipeline for kidney diseases until its successful acquisition by Novartis in August 2023. Charlotte also lends her expertise to the Board of Directors at bluebird bio (NASDAQ: BLUE).

Dr. Jones-Burton  is active in numerous professional associations and organizations and founded WOCIPâ, a non-profit professional society and Foundation focused on creating a legacy in the life sciences industry of equitable access and improved health outcomes for all.   As its President, Charlotte is leading the growth and the impact of the organization throughout the US, Europe and Africa.   

Charlotte's dedication to improving health equity has led to her receiving many awards, including the MM&M Platinum Award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare and WOCIP's Global Icon Award.  She was identified as one of the pharmaceutical industry's top 100 inspiring people by PharmaVoice and spotlighted as one of "The Most Influential People in Biopharma" in by Fierce Pharma in 2023.