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Know Your Kidneys: How You Can Prevent Diabetic Kidney Disease

Did you know that over 1 in 10 American has diabetes, which is the leading cause of kidney disease? Over time, high blood sugar da... Learn More >>

Topics: CopingDiabetesDietExerciseNutrition

What You Need to Know About Nephrotic Syndrome

Register for our webinar on nephrotic syndrome. Dr. Samira Farouk, a transplant nephrologist, will explain why nephrotic syndrome ... Learn More >>

Topics: CKDKidney Disease ComplicationsOther kidney conditions

How to become a “Virtual” Kidney Health Coach

Whether you’re new to Kidney Health Coach or have already hosted a few sessions, we are all new to this virtual world! Here’s you... Learn More >>

Food, Fluid & Summer Eating with The Cooking Doc

One of the greatest challenges for kidney patients is changing their daily eating habits. Join us for a kidney conversation with n... Learn More >>

Topics: CopingDietNutrition