Why I dialyze at home

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. EDT

Speaker: Nadia Mokrushin and Nazar Mokrushin,

Topics: Coping CKD Dialysis ESRD Patient Perspective

As many families of dialysis patients will tell you, dialysis affects more than just the kidney patient. And especially when a dialysis patient is a teenager, their caregiver, who is often a parent, plays an even greater role. During this webinar, Nazar Mokrushin, a 15-year-old kidney disease patient, and his mother, Nadia Mokrushin, will share their experience with dialysis, and specifically how home hemodialysis has helped them take back control of their lives.

In the United States, home dialysis is used less often compared to in-center dialysis, even though many doctors agree that home options can improve health and quality of life for some patients.

In the case of Nazar and Nadia, home hemodialysis offers the flexibility, privacy, and sense of hope they need in their fight against kidney disease.

Join this webinar to hear more about the journeys of:

  • Nazar, a young dialysis patient, who has found that home hemodialysis gives him more freedom and control in his life.
  • Nadia, his caregiver, who has worked with her son to find a dialysis treatment option that fits best for them.


Nadia Mokrushin and Nazar Mokrushin

Nadia Mokrushin and Nazar Mokrushin

My name is Nadia and my husband Max and I reside in Elk Grove California. I run an in-home child care business while Max serves in the US Air Force. We have two children, Nazar who is 15 and Maya who is 8 years old. Nazar was born with Spina Bifida and has had countless surgeries and health hurdles. Unfortunately, in the past few years, Nazar’s kidneys have stopped working properly and he requires dialysis four times a week. Running to and from the dialysis clinic was extremely taxing when the nearest facility was 30 minutes away from our home. This made life extremely hard with running my own business and being there for both my children. It was especially difficult when my husband was away on deployment. In-home dialysis has saved our lives and has helped Nazar cope with his health issues and has allowed him to retain a sense of normalcy.