Donate Stock

Enjoy many benefits when you donate stocks and bonds to the American Kidney Fund. Not only do you receive a full income tax deduction based on their current market value — you also avoid ever having to pay a capital gains tax on your donated investment. Get the peace of mind of knowing that you're providing lifesaving assistance to kidney patients across the U.S. by supporting AKF programs.

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When you donate stocks and bonds, you make an investment in the life of others.

We're here to help with your donation

We'd be happy to talk to you, your lawyer or tax advisor about the advantages of making a gift of stocks or bonds — or other planned giving opportunities. Please contact Daniell Griffin, Senior Director of Individual Giving, at (800) 638-8299 ext. 7064 or


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How will the value of my gift be recorded?

The value of a gift of stock is based upon the mean between the high and low, or the bid and asked, quotations on the day the securities pass from your control. For example, on December 1, when you mailed your certificates for XX shares of XYZ Corporation to AKF or instructed your banker or broker to hold the securities for AKF, the high was $21 and the low was $19. The mean price is $20 per share, and the gift is worth that price multiplied by the number of shares contributed to the American Kidney Fund.


How To Donate Securities

There are three ways for you to make a gift of securities. Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and fastest delivery process available and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. We also accept security certificates directly. Please follow the instructions below for making a gift of stocks or bonds.

Please remember, for audit and acknowledgement purposes, you or the transferring broker must provide: (1) your name and complete address, and (2) the name and number of securities transferred to the American Kidney Fund.

97 cents of every dollar you generously give by donating securities goes directly to patients and programs.

Option #1: DTC electronic transfer

If you prefer to initiate a "DTC" electronic transfer of your stocks or bonds into the AKF stock clearance account, your broker can electronically transfer your securities to AKF. Because this request must be in writing we provide an Electronic Transfer form. Or, you may contact Daniell Griffin, Senior Director of Individual Giving, toll-free at (800) 638-8299 ext. 7064 or email for more information or to initiate the transfer.

Option #2: Send security certificate through secure method

You can send the actual security certificate registered to the American Kidney Fund through a traceable and secure method of delivery. Send it to the attention of: Mike Nosil, American Kidney Fund, 11921 Rockville Pike, Suite 300, Rockville, MD 20852.

Option #3: Send security certificate and endorsed stock power form by mail

  1. You can send your certificate by regular first class mail, without any endorsement, assignment or other notation to: Mike Nosil, American Kidney Fund, 11921 Rockville Pike, Suite 300, Rockville, MD 20852.
  2. Please enclose a letter stating the purpose of this charitable gift to the American Kidney Fund.
  3. Then, separately mail a stock power form (one for each certificate) endorsed with your signature only, exactly as your name appears on the face of the certificate, along with a copy of the letter mailed with the certificate.
  4. You must have a Signature Guarantee to endorse the transfer. You can acquire a medallion signature certification from your bank that will be stamped on the form guaranteeing the authenticity of your signature.
  5. Since the stock certificate becomes negotiable only when joined with the stock power, this method provides both safety and simplicity. Stock power forms are available from any bank or brokerage office.
  6. The date of the postmark determines the value of the gift since this is the date the stock was officially transferred to AKF. When we receive the two separate envelopes with the certificate and the stock power, we will acknowledge your gift to the American Kidney Fund.