Are you passionate about preventing kidney disease? Do you enjoy educating others about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle? If so, our Kidney Health Coach program may be for you!

Kidney Health Coach is the American Kidney Fund’s free, community health education program. The online Kidney Health Coach training course provides information about preventing, managing and treating kidney disease, as well as living a healthy lifestyle through a series of four modules.

  • Module 1: Welcome and Kidney Basics
  • Module 2: Chronic Kidney Disease Causes, Symptoms and Testing
  • Module 3: Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Module 4: Why this Matters and Next Steps

To become a Kidney Health Coach, you must complete all components of the online course. After successful completion, you will obtain a certificate of completion. Continuing education (CE) credits are available at no-cost to eligible health care professionals.

As a Kidney Health Coach, you will have access to the Kidney Health Coach online portal, which includes tools and resources to help you host education sessions. You will also receive support and guidance from dedicated AKF staff members leading the program. Coaches can find support and share their experiences through the connected community of Kidney Health Coaches doing similar work.

Take the Kidney Health Coach course (English | En Español)

Who can become a Kidney Health Coach?

Anyone interested in educating others about kidney disease can become a Kidney Health Coach. Although the program is helpful to those who work in the health field, you do not need to have a health background to become a Kidney Health Coach.

Why 'coach'?

Coaches have strong relationships with their team. Our hope is that as a Kidney Health Coach you will develop trusting relationships with the people you educate to prevent and fight kidney disease.

Connect with AKF staff

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