January 24, 2018, 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Together we can achieve health

Patient-provider communication is critical to the patient's long-term health, but there are barriers that can prevent this that Diana M. Collins MSN is dedicated to helping people overcome.

Health care should be a collaborative process, where patients work with their providers to have the best health outcomes possible. But many times, barriers exist for patients to talk to and work with their doctors or other health care providers. This webinar is about breaking down these barriers, and will provide ways that patients can best work with their health care team.

Our speaker and nurse educator, Diana Collins, is dedicated to bridging the gap between patients and their health care providers. Learn more about:

  • The ways patient-provider communication can improve patient's health long-term
  • Steps patients can take to improve their conversations with health care providers
  • How patients can be active members of their health care team


headshot of Diana M. Collins

Diana M. Collins MSN, APRN

Diana M. Collins is a Nurse educator and an Army Veteran. She is a wife and a mother and is currently working as a Clinical Instructor at Delaware Technical Community College. Prior to working at the college, she worked as a Nurse Educator at Memorial School of Nursing in Albany, NY as well as a medical surgical nurse on a Neuro-orthopedic post-surgical unit at Albany Memorial Hospital. It was on the medical unit where she learned to be innovative in patient care and it fed her passion to effectively teach patients to advocate for their health care.  She discovered that there was more that she wanted to do to improve patient health and decided to enhance her involvement by participating in conventions and healthcare symposiums to not only teach patients but to also advocate for the health care disparities that she noticed over the years.

Diana’s passion to teach and mold minds enhanced her propensity and love for nursing education. While teaching patients she found that by encouraging Nurses to educate their patients better was a great way to bridge the gap. She has a deep appreciation and commitment to her work in the healthcare setting that supports and promotes innovative high quality patient centered care.

Diana has had a long-term commitment in being one of the top leaders in the healthcare industry and in the community. This passion was imbedded in her as a staff nurse where she began to teach patients as well as her fellow nursing staff about the changes in healthcare and how it directly affected them. These changes did not only reflect the Neuro-orthopedic medicine but patient care.

During her time as a staff Nurse, Diana continued her educational path by returning to The Sage Colleges, Troy NY where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master’s degree in nurse education and Post-Masters as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Diana is currently culminating her education at Walden University working on her Doctorate of Nursing Practice where her focus will remain on health care disparities, nurse education and holistic nursing care. One of her accomplishments over the past year has been joining the LGBTQ Healthcare equality initiative team with the Delaware United Way Pride council in which she has a deep appreciation and commitment to its work in the healthcare settings that support and promote innovative, cost-effective and high quality patient centered care.